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Equipment list

Hydraulic electrode extrusion presses


Drawing of electrode compound on electrode cores



Equipment characteristicsPH 0125PH 01PH 05
Capacity, tons of electrodes per annum250…270450…500950…1000
Electrode diameter, mm2,5…5,02,5*;3;4;5;6*2,0…6,0
Electrode length, mm250…450250…450200…450
Extrusion cylinder diameter, mm8090120
Top unit pressure on flux, MPa (kg/cm2) (кгс/см2)12,5(1250)to 16,0(1600)to 18,0(1800)
Required power, kWt4,57,511
Overall dimensions, mm1380х600х13001485х420х14003000х500х1500
Mass, kg6007201500

Cut wire feeding units


Submission of electrode cores in the electrode extrusion press


Equipment characteristicsPАО 100PАО 005
Capacity (cut wire length L=450 mm), pc/min60,100,150150,200,250
Cut wire diameter, mm2…62…6
Cut wire length, mm250…450200…450
Required power, kWt1.51.5
Overall dimensions, mm880х700х1435880х700х1550
Mass, kg350350

Cutting automatic machines


Straightening and cutting a welding wire delivered in coils or bundles, on rectilinial electrode cores


Equipment characteristicsАR – 01АR – 05
Capacity, pc/min: with wire length, mm – 250, 350, 450120,120,120300,300,300
Straightening drum rotation speed, rpm63007900
Wire diameter, mm3;4;5;62…6
Required power, kWt6,26,2
Overall dimensions, mm1800х665х11501800х700х1100
Mass, kg850800

Ball mills


Fine grinding materials of the electrode coatings;proccesing wastes of the electrode compound for production recycle


Equipment characteristicsAG-02
Productivity (on ferroalloys), kg/hour50
Sizes of a loaded materials, mm620…50
Sizes of a drum – Diameter, Height, mm600,630
Frequency of rotation of a drum, rev/min22,4
Required power, kWt3,0
Overall dimensions, mm1800х1600х1700
Mass, kg700

Hydraulic slug presses


Bricketing the electrode compound(coating mixture)

PBH 0115

Equipment characteristicsPBH 075PBH 085PBH 0115
Slug diameter, mm7585115
Slug length (dependent on flux type), mm100120…180150…200
Required power, kWt1,12,23,0
Overall dimensions, mm850х670х1130850х670х1130900х650х1135
Mass excl. oil net (gross), kg250300350

Counter current intensive mixers


Preparation of the blend and electrode compound

CI 02

Equipment characteristicsCI 02
Flux capacity, kg/h100
Mixing time – dry (wet), min0,5…2(3…6)
Pan capacity, L70
Pan rotation speed, rpm15,9
Chopper rotation speed, rpm930
Required power, kWt6,2
Overall dimensions, mm1170х990х1510
Mass, kg650

Brushing machines


High quality electrodes brushing from both tips

AOZ 002

Equipment characteristicsAOZ 002MZ 05
Capacity, pc/min60…150450
Electrode diameter, mm2…62…10
Electrode length, mm250…450200…450
Required power, kWt3,15,0
Overall dimensions, mm3200х1550х12705000х1700х1200
Mass, kg230350

Wire and flux reclaiming machines


Removing the raw defective coating from the rods, cleaning the contaminated rods


Equipment characteristicsМО-01
Electrode charge, кg10
Electrode diameter, mm2…6
Electrode length, mm250…450
One cycle duration, min10
Required power, kWt2,2
Overall dimensions, mm1050х920х965
Mass, kg300

Drying ovens


Drying and calcining of the electrodes (with recirculation of air)


Equipment characteristicsСNОСDО
Working temperature, ℃50…400to 500
Heaters required power, kWt18,080
Vantilator power, kWt0,375,5
Overall dimensions, mm1500х1200х18402380х1970х2980
Dimensions working chamber, m(m3)850х1000х850 (0,72)1300х1550х1800 (3,5)
Mass, kg4004000

Semi-automatic printing machines


Piece marking and weighing of the electrodes


Equipment characteristicsМ002
Capacity (electrode diameter = 4mm), pc/min80
Required power, kWt2…6
Required power, kWt0,25
Overall dimensions, mm675х875х1000
Мass, kg150

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