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Development of feasibility study of investment. The VANT firm is developing a feasibility study for the conditions in the customer’s region. Investment feasibility study includes the following sections:

1. Basic technological solutions.
2. Characteristics of the products.
3. Description of raw materials and materials.
4. Description of the technological process for the manufacture of electrodes.
5. Selection of the main technological equipment.
6. Operating mode, states.
7. Calculation of energy consumption.
8. Construction and installation solutions.
9. List of normative documents on the basis of which the feasibility study of investments was developed.
10. The main technical and economic indicators for the production of electrodes

Supply of process equipment. TYPICAL DELIVERY

1. Ball mill.
2. Correctly-cutting machine with unwinding device.
3. The mixer is intense.
4. Press briquetting press hydraulic.
5. Feeder rod.
6. Electroheading press.
7. Stripping machine.
8. Brak cleaning machine.
9. Furnaces for drying and calcining electrodes (with air recirculation).
10. Framework for laying the electrodes.
11. Bunker for charge materials.
12. Devices for the control of the technological process.

Installation and commissioning.

1. Installation of in-house power grids.
2. Delivery of equipment.
3. Installation of equipment.
4. Setting up and debugging modes of operation.
5. Staff training to work skills on equipment.

Start-up of technology and technological support of production.

1. Working out of technology of marks of the electrodes chosen by the Customer.
2. Training of personnel in the preparation of charge, cutting wires, crimping electrodes, etc.
3. Issue of a lot of electrodes by the Customer’s personnel under the guidance of VANT specialists.
4. Preparation of production for certification of produced electrodes.
5. Technological support of production:
– consultations of VANT specialists;
– recommendations for selecting raw materials and suppliers;
– ensuring the production of wear parts of equipment.
6. After-sales service.

Provision of production of technical and technological documentation. The VANT Company shall provide the Customer with the following documentation:

1. Technological instruction for working on equipment of the firm VANT.
2. Passports for equipment.
3. Technological instructions and specifications for the electrode grades specified by the Customer.
4. Safety instructions.
5. Necessary documents for harmonization of production with state control bodies in the field.

Supply of raw materials for the production of electrodes. If necessary, VANT supplies the Customer with contractual prices with the following raw materials:

1. Rutile concentrate.
2. Marble is ground.
3. Talc.
4. Kaolin.
5. Cellulose electrode.
6. Ilmenite concentrate.
7. Aglorud (hematite).
8. Powders of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
9. Ferroalloys ground.
10. Muscovite mica.
11. Glass is liquid.
12. Welding wire.

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